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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of SpineWerX patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health
Dr. Philip Croutch

The Staff are Warm and Friendly*

I am impressed at the level of detail for my initial assessment on my first visit with Dr. Croutch to determine the care that was necessary to have me feeling my best. It brings me a level of great comfort and confidence in my treatment plan moving forward. The staff are warm and friendly, the office is comfortable and Dr. Croutch is gentle, knowledgeable and really takes the time to explain what the issue is and the plan to help. I am looking forward to future visits to improve my overall health. ˜Shannon P.

Beyond Impressed*

I was beyond impressed with my first visit. The woman who was trying to prep me for the doctor was on her own and kept apologizing for having to run and do other tasks. She was amazing. The doctor gave me a thorough exam complete with x-rays and provided me with some first steps to help with my problem. thanks to the doctor and staff would highly recommend after my first visit. ˜Robert M.

An Extremely Professional Experience*

An extremely professional experience with just the right amount of casual levity. Most importantly I came away from my initial assesment with a renewed sense of confidence, that someone was equipped and able to help sort out some of my long endured issues of discomfort. I am excited and looking forward to exploring some treatment elements and the results I feel they will achieve. I will be travelling approximately an hour and a half to and from this therapy facility so I think that speaks volumes in itself. ˜John S.

Very Comfortable*

The staff and Dr. Croutch were very approachable and explained conditions and treatments in a very easy and relatable manner. I am very comfortable that I am now on the path to a better and healthier lifestyle. ˜Jennifer S.

In Good Hands!*

Very warm and welcoming staff, they are all very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. They do a great job at making you feel at home and that you’re in good hands! ˜Anonymous

Highly Recommend*

As my first to a Chiropractic Clinic ,was amazed of the variety exams/measurements used to determine the cause of my disorder. Highly recommend the professional staff and the respect shown to their patients. ˜Pauline B.

Very Impressed*

Very impressed with the professionalism and the knowledge of all the staff, not just the doctor. Although the doctor was very professional and I felt he honestly cared. Loved the welcome board with my name on it. As soon as I walked in I felt valued and special! Love that he shows compassion to people in other parts of the world who don’t have access to the same care. ˜Avis J.

Liked The Attention!*

I liked the attention to the details and evaluation of my diagnosis. As well the way of approach to a solution to make my physical being more comfortable for later in my life. The whole staff understands what a customer needs to know and disclosing information to assist in the goal of the patient. ˜Wayne P.

Helped Fibromyalgia!*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

Several years ago my life was controlled by pain due to fibromyalgia. I had to give up my work. I couldn’t even do light housework. Several types of medication had given no relief and one day I phoned to see if Chiropractic would be any help to me. For the first time someone understood how much pain I was in and what was causing it.

I spent over 30 minutes with the chiropractor that day and knew I had found someone who could help me. Although I will be 69 next month I do volunteer work full-time. I put in 8 – 12 hour days helping others.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Chiropractic help. I come twice a month to maintain my health and I truly believe I’ve been given a new lease on life because of this care. I would recommend it to anyone. ˜Florence O.

I Suffered From Migraines*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

I came to see the Chiropractor with my neck feeling out of place. My friend had been encouraging me to try him for about 9 months. Beside the crick causing pain, I suffered from migraines (although I didn’t know that’s what they were). Adjustments helped very much. After about a year (during which I took cortisone shots for an arm), I mentioned the severe arm pain to the chiropractor and he discovered that my left collarbone was out of place.

Since our accident in Dec. 1989, the chiropractor has kept my neck and back in place. I have learned a great deal about haw my body works in relation to its various parts. I seem to have an improved immune system in the last several years, and now that I have been in another severe accident I rely on the chiropractor to ease my body trauma and whiplash. I would (and do) recommend trying chiropractic to anyone. ˜Peggy C.

I Felt Fine, But Now I Feel Great*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

I was introduced to chiropractic through my husband. He has been a patient here for some time and suggested I consider it. Although I felt fine, I was amazed to discover, through x-rays, that I needed assistance in several areas. I have since discovered that areas with problems I thought were normal, feel much healthier with the spine corrected. I am very thankful that my chiropractor and his staff made me aware of these areas that needed correction before they became a serious problem.

I also am grateful for the manner in which my chiropractor deals with us as patients. His calm, gentle approach, along with his faith have been very much appreciated.

My advise: I would advise anyone to go and have an initial check-up and assessment. ˜Debra W.

Lower Back and Neck Challenges*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

My initial chiropractic experience dates back 15 plus years ago with a pinched sciatic nerve. An acquaintance drove me to see a chiropractor; who treated me with care enabling me to drive myself home. That was the beginning of a positive and necessary part of my improvements with my lower back and neck challenges.

Regular check-ups, with a frequency that depended on my actions and activities, have maintained my ability to function well on a daily basis. Exercises and stretches which were suggested and outlined have also improved my flexibility. Tension which I have always managed to store in my neck and shoulders has also improved greatly with adjustments. I credit my ability to be able to function daily, to my chiropractic care. I also credit my chiropractor with, as I say, keeping my head screwed on straight.

As a proponent of chiropractic care I encourage and recommend people to try it. They will be surprised by how easy it is, the results they will feel and how much better they will function on a daily basis. ˜Karen B.

Skeptical At First*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

I was suffering from sharp pains in my mid-back and was looking for a quick fix. My wife and kids had been seeing a chiropractor with no regrets, so naturally that is where I went. A number of years ago I had frequently seen another chiropractor, who at the time, I thought was one of the best.

My first visit with the chiropractor my family was seeing was at first, disappointing because I received no treatment. I did however get a thorough examination, x-rays and posture measurements taken. Care did start the next visit, with quick results. I had no idea that my body was this messed up. I now appreciate this chiropractors approach to treatment and education. I firmly believe that this is the proper practice for chiropractic care.

I also did not realize how my sleep was being affected. I was ready to purchase a new bed, thinking that was my problem. My every day activities have seen an improvement, fewer headaches, almost eliminated stomach aches and no pain , flexibility. All which I did not know was related to proper chiropractic care. I thank this chiropractor and this office staff for their professionalism and ability to provide a family-like atmosphere. I, without a doubt recommend this office to everyone. ˜ Shawn B.

Leg Problems*

{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

I have been a chiropractic patient for 2 1/2 years. I first consulted a chiropractor because of back and leg problems which I had for four to five years.

I found it hard to sit very long on hard chairs. Since being under regular chiropractic care the pain in my legs and back is less severe, and I am, able to walk for longer periods.

My advice for someone who is new to Chiropractic or considering Chiropractic care would be to have patience as it takes time.

What I enjoy most about seeing a chiropractor is that I know I will feel better when I leave. ˜ Ross S.


{PRACTICE NAME} Testimonial

Severe headaches, and stiffness and pain in my back were the reasons I first sought chiropractic help a few years ago.

Over the years, several wallops to the back from falls – swinging recklessly on a swing set as a child, falls during horseback riding in my teen years, and a difficult landing during skydiving in my early twenties – created back problems.

Regular chiropractic adjustments have greatly eased my back pain, restored spine flexibility, and totally erased my headaches.

What a joy it is to live a pain-free life again and have ease of movement! I’m over fifty and still enjoying outdoor activities such as walking, bicycling, skating, and skiing. And best of all, pain relief has been achieved without harmful drugs. I’m thankful for a medicine-free active life. :˜ Shirley T.

*these statements are individual outcomes, your results may vary

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