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Effective Sciatica Treatment In Lindsay

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Dr. Phillip Croutch

Dr. Phillip Croutch

We understand how uncomfortable it is to experience sciatic pain that radiates into the buttocks and down the back of your leg to the toes. It usually comes from pinched nerves in the lower lumbar spine or Piriformis Syndrome. Other common causes of this painful condition include disc herniation or degenerated discs.

If neglected, the nerve irritation extends down one or both legs along the sciatic nerves. The pain appears in the leg, but the culprit is often the lower back!

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

Lindsay Chiropractor Dr. Phillip Croutch has helped many patients suffering from sciatica regain their active lives. Chiropractic care addresses the root cause of your sciatic nerve pain, getting you out of pain and keeping you there.

You don’t have to live with sciatic nerve pain.

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Fast, Effective Sciatica Pain Relief

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Fast Sciatica Relief In Lindsay